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8th Grade Culmination

2024 CULMINATION CEREMONY: Monday, June 12 at 10 AM
It is a momentous accomplishment to complete 9 years of formal public education and we celebrate with a Culmination Ceremony. It is a time to recognize the hard work our students have done to reach this goal. We take great pride in recognizing our students by calling out their names and giving students a Culmination Certificate. 


LAUSD has adopted a Middle School Culmination Activity and Certificate of Completion policy. This policy defines the criteria for issuing a Middle School Certificate of Completion and for students to participate in the Middle School Culmination Activity. It supports student achievement and guides students in preparing for matriculation from middle school to high school. 
To participate in the culmination activity, eighth-grade students must meet all LAUSD requirements and school-site criteria to earn a Certificate of Completion. 
  • Students will be evaluated based on the marks and credits earned in the eighth grade to earn a Certificate of Completion. Students will earn 5 credits for passing each semester course with a ‘D’ or better. Grades from all subject areas will be used to determine credits earned in eighth grade. 
  • Students must earn 50 credits to be eligible for the Certificate of Completion. 
Students and parents/guardians will discuss this policy during the Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) conferences. We will work closely with you and your child to promote academic achievement. 
If you have questions about the Culmination Activity and Certificate of Completion policy, contact your child’s counselor, Ms. Yaganagi or Ms. Saragosa, at (323) 730-4300.
Soraya Drew